So I just got a Reebok 510 Indoor Cycle…Here’s my Review!

If you want to buy a spin bike that is suitable for all kinds of people then you should definitely consider purchasing the Reebok 510 Indoor Cycle.

This spin bike will not only help you get rid of the extra fat but will also help you get your daily workouts.

If you want to lose weight this is an ideal spin bike because it will help you lose weight really quickly.

To be more specific, an hour on this spin bike can help you lose 300 to 1200 calories which is actually quite impressive and it also has all the features you will need to get a good workout.

But well spin bikes aren’t the only way to go about cardio. Going for a rowing machine workout gives you a rather different style of cardio workout that you won’t get from mere running or cycling.


More about the manufacturer

It has been quite a few years now that Reebok Fitness has been coming up with some the best fitness machines and accessories available in the market.

All of its products are known around the world for their stability and endurance.

Apart from that they are also quite affordable. Apart from spin bikes Reebok fitness also manufactures treadmills, elliptical trainers, floor mats etc.


The dimensions of the Reebok 510 Indoor Cycle are 47 x 20 x 55”. The weight of this spin bike is 130 lbs and can take a user weight of around 300 lbs.

The weight of the flywheel of this spin bike is 48 lbs. It has an LCD display.

The seats are adjustable and it also has wheels for easy transportation. The Reebok 510 Indoor Cycle also comes with a cooling fan and a water bottle holder.


Like most spin bikes the Reebok 510 Indoor Cycle also comes with most of its parts already assembled which makes it quite easy to complete the remaining installation.

To help you install the other parts you will get all the tools and parts needed and also a manual with the instructions you need to follow.

You will not need more than 25-40 minutes to assemble the Reebok 510 Indoor Cycle.

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One of the best features of the Reebok 510 Indoor Cycle is its 48 lbs flywheel because it will help you get a more realistic cycling feel. Not just that, your workouts will be much smoother than it would be with a lighter flywheel.

The Reebok 510 Indoor Cycle comes with a heart rate monitor that is attached to a chest pulse strap and will help younger and more importantly older people keep track of their heart rate.

It also has an LCD screen which gives you all the important data related to your workout such as distance you have covered, calories burnt, speed, heart rate etc. A water bottle holder is also provided to make it easier for you to stay hydrated.

Seats and handlebars can be easily adjusted. You can also manage the resistance level as per your needs.


If you want a spin bike that not only offers excellent features but will also not completely empty your pockets then you should go ahead and buy the Reebok 510 Indoor Cycle.

How to Make Sure You Reach Your Weight Loss Goals in 2015

In case your resolution for the year 2015 is to become healthier and happy then you are in the right place because below in this article I have listed a few tips to help you attain all your health related goals this year. Whether your aim this year is to exercise more, consume healthier food, drink less, and give up smoking or to learn something new, the guide below will help you achieve it all.

Make sure you have a plan ready

In case your aim in 2015 is to exercise the first and foremost thing you need to do is plan it. A plan is really important because it will help you remain organized. A checklist is more than enough. You can set reminders to help you make sure that you stay on track with your plans. Exercising 3-4 days a week is more than enough.


Get a rowing machine if you have to. Consult a nutrition expert. Get your snowboarding gear on. The point is, you need to have the tools ready before you can actually put in the work.

Studies show that if you imagine the results of your hard work, it will help you stay motivated. So make sure you think of the results exercising will get you and not miss out on it.

Get knowledge about the connection between food and emotions

If you didn’t know note that what you eat can in many ways be actually connected to the way you feel. If you want to eat healthy the first thing you should do is create a list of things you eat when you feel angry, sad, bored, stressed etc. Most people go with diet inhibitors like Phen375 to keep their cravings on bay.



In case what you eat is not healthy you will need to come up with a plan to help you avoid eating those things the next time you feel any of the mentioned emotions.

Avoid Visiting bars and pubs

In case you are tired of your drinking habits and plan to change it and drink less in 2015 the first and foremost thing you should do is avoid going to pubs.

Not just pubs you should try and avoid all social interactions where alcohol is the main focus as much as possible. Instead of going to pubs and all you should consider roaming outdoors with your friends and other loved ones. Even avoid events such as wine tastings. In case you really need to go avoid taking more than 2 drinks.

Remain Motivated

For people trying to give up smoking, the hardest thing to do is stay motivated. In order to stay motivated what you should really do is make a list of all the reasons due to which you want to leave smoking and also of all the cool changes that will take place in your life once you stop smoking. Once that is done make sure you refer to the list every time you feel like smoking.

Focus on learning at not just results

If your plan for the New Year is to learn a new skill then keep in mind that you can only learn is when you focus on actually learning it. In the beginning worry less about the results. Firstly master the skill and then ask for feedback from others.